The rise of Virtual Desktops

Virtual Desktops
The rise of Virtual Desktops

The rise of Virtual Desktops

In the era when millions of employees in the global workforce have been forced to work from remote locations as a safety precaution, the ability to establish readily accessible cloud-based virtual machines has been vital. Platforms like Microsoft’s Azure, AWS Cloud, and SyncCore Cloud can give Company’s and employees access to consistently configured and significantly more secure virtual workstations, eliminating the need for personal devices.

What is VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

Today, IT leaders seek tools that can give them control & ease of managing the IT infrastructure. This tool is VDI that gives them the ultimate power in their hands. Virtual Desktops are the Images of OS (Operating Systems) that are preconfigured; these desktops are separate from the actual physical device used by the user to access the program and Software. The user gets the same Desktop familiarity every time he changes the instrument.

Benefits of Virtual Desktops

  • Secure

Data Storage is done on an external Datacenter not in the physical machine at the user end. That secures the information from thieves to access and steal, and even the Machine has crashed, data can be recovered.

  • Flexible  

Companies with a World wild Network can get the upper hand in the advantages of Virtual Desktops as the IT managers can control the infrastructure anywhere on the planet.  

  • Cost

Because of the minor requirement of equipment and infrastructure, the cost is much less than physical desktops.

  • Easy management

Software updates are faster and can be done globally, accessible, and in large numbers.  

  • Computing Power

Computing Power is constant as large data centers power the virtual desktops. 

  • Accessibility

Virtual desktops enable (BYOD) Bring your own devices for remote access to files and applications anywhere.

Want a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

SyncCore has the best Virtual Desktop infrastructure that gives a fully customizable cloud desktop for businesses of all sizes.


  • Data transfer from local machine to VM.
  • Additional technical support is not paid.
  • Can only add users/assign desktops in just one click.
  • No Minimum Number of users.
  • Auto-scaling
  • Both are Cloud-only, with no on-site option.
  • Can deploy Both Windows & Linux provisions.
  • End users can up/downgrade computer power.
  •  Native apps can be Deployed.
  • Relative newcomers can set up the infrastructure.
  • 10+ Datacenters.  

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