We’ve arrived in the cloud! How does the cloud impact our daily life?

How does the cloud impact our daily life?

Cloud computing is impacting our lives in a variety of ways these days. We are constantly on the cloud and living our lives smoothly, whether we realize it or not.

Not only is the cloud having an impact on the lives of ordinary people, but it has also completely changed the way businesses and their customers store and access critical data.

You take a photograph and upload it to Facebook or Instagram. This is a normal part of our social lives.

But have you ever wondered where the picture goes after you’ve finished uploading it?

The solution is cloud storage. Even if you delete these photos from your phone, they will still be available in the cloud.

How does the cloud impact our daily life?

Cloud technology is fundamentally based on the internet. The term “cloud” refers to a metaphor for the Internet.

As a result, cloud computing is defined as internet-based computing technology. Cloud telephony and cloud computing are just two examples of cloud-based platforms gaining traction among businesses.

Clouds can be found anywhere we can think of. Cloud services operate over the internet, and cloud-based applications are referred to as ‘Web apps.’

Cloud computing is secretly driving a world-changing revolution without even letting you know, from improving healthcare facilities to raising the standards of our global environment.

When it comes to emerging technology trends, the cloud is one of the most contentious and significant technological advancements responsible for driving a considerable revolution in the world.

The cloud is gaining popularity as many organizations have moved elements of their information technology departments to cloud platforms.

Furthermore, companies such as Dropbox, Facebook, and others have opened new avenues for people to store their data in the cloud.

The world appears to be transitioning to the cloud era. Our demands and thinking are shaping to achieve the desired result in the shortest time and at the lowest possible cost.

Cloud platforms meet all of these requirements, which is why businesses are taking the risky step of thinking outside the box and adopting cloud platforms for their operations.

According to a market survey, 95 percent of businesses use cloud computing in some form or another.

By 2019, cloud apps will account for 90 percent of all data traffic. Cloud computing has become a more integral part of our lives than we realize

Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison stated,

“What’s interesting about cloud computing is that we’ve redefined it to include everything we already do.”

We are witnessing cloud technology impacting our world on many levels of our social and personal lives like never before.

Here are the significant aspects of our daily lives that have been transformed by cloud computing. And guess what? We had no idea about them!


To assist you, navigation programs store massive amounts of data and keep it up to date.

Navigation applications in our lives are GPS tools or mobile maps. But how do they know your exact location?

When you use these tools, you indirectly utilize the cloud to help you move from one location to another.

And, no matter where you go, you can use the cloud to find out about road maps, traffic conditions, weather, and even accidents.

Online shopping

Customers’ desire for online shopping is growing by the day.

According to statistics, 31% of online shoppers shop at least once a week.

Many online stores are now using the cloud to store important information about their customers to provide a better customer experience and as a business marketing strategy.

‘Recently viewed’ or ‘Purchase recommendations’ are two features that online shoppers have noticed as a result of cloud services.

Social Circle

People frequently use social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.

It’s not difficult to find your feeds or wall flooded with pictures when you scroll down on these apps. All of these images and data are saved in the cloud.

And each time you look at them, you are essentially tapping into the cloud.


The cloud is also becoming an essential part of our daily lives for storing photos and videos. Smartphones and computers can even save your personal information and media to cloud services like Google Drive, iCloud, etc.

By storing information such as media files on the cloud, you gain more storage space on other devices.

Team Collaboration

Businesses frequently use applications to organize online meetings, share ideas, and collaborate. All of this is made possible by the cloud.

The use of the cloud in the workplace has become one of the most critical factors in a company’s growth.

According to statistics, having access to cloud apps makes an employee happier and more satisfied with the work-life balance.

In addition, with the help of cloud services such as cloud telephony, SMEs can interact with their customers worldwide.


Cloud computing is becoming increasingly important in our daily lives. However, cloud-based technologies are not doomed.

The cloud-based applications we see today are only the tip of the iceberg. Cloud computing experts believe that the cloud has a lot of untapped potentials.

Who knows how we’ll be using the cloud in a decade. Cloud computing can do far more than reduce a company’s IT costs; it can completely transform it.

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