Cloud Hosting Platform Expectation VS Reality

Cloud Hosting Platform Expectation VS Reality

IT companies and leaders have been putting a wide spectrum of resources into cloud infrastructure over the last few years. The primary reasons for this were price and the pandemic, both of which accelerated cloud usage. This provided enterprises with the infrastructure they needed to implement the app at a lesser cost. The pay-as-you-go architecture of the cloud-enabled businesses to deliberately develop infrastructure around it.

However, an increasing number of cloud trials and tests are prompting IT executives to consider the cloud hosting ROI, whether positive or negative.

Some Of The Cloud Hosting Expectations VS Reality


Many companies collaborate or outsource these services to meet the increasing demands for cloud computing. Many of these large cloud firms’ resellers and service providers are providers. Customers’ expectations aren’t met because they don’t even have a data center. These services offer 100 % uptime and 99 percent server/cloud uptime, although such an architect cannot achieve this.


Businesses’ most serious challenges are data loss and breaches, which providers should address but fail to do so at times. A reputable cloud hosting service should constantly follow security-related practices such as providing a 100 percent secured assurance, stringent security protection, operating on a clean network, and conducting background checks for any security flaws. All of this was communicated prior to delivering the solution to the consumers.


Companies today have a wide range of complicated applications and programs that use cloud computing, cloud storage, legacy software, and other technologies. To keep up, today’s cloud hosting providers must be aware of all of this and make the required changes to meet the expectations of their customers. As a result, the provider should offer a variety of cloud products, including private, public, & hybrid hosting, as well as contracts, rules, and processes tailored to the demands of clients.


When choosing a cloud hosting company, be sure your data is stored outside of a network where the provider has previously sold this type of product. Before acquiring the merchandise, there must be a post-sale and pre-sale process. Furthermore, the support team’s top priority should be to resolve hosting issues, as this will degrade your infrastructure and productivity.

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