Is AWS reliable? AWS outage! Facebook, Disney Plus, Alexa affected

“An Amazon server outage caused Alexa, Ring, Disney Plus, and others problems. Problems with some Amazon Web Services cloud servers are causing slow loading or failures for significant chunks of the internet, an” AWS Status Showed.

Suppose your Business was there in this chaos. What will happen to your business if you lose a customer, money, and most importantly, the Reputation of the company.

“Big Name Comes Bigger problem” was true for AWS this time. A massive chunk of the internet was affected by this problem. Netflix, Tinder, Roku, Coinbase, Cash App, Venmo, and the list go on. Also, some companies are involved in this, but they can get past this trouble, but what about you.

SyncCore to Rescue

We at SyncCore do not face this problem. Why?

Lets See

1. We Don’t Store your data at one Data Center. We distribute it all over our data centers. So one goes down, the others are available to your rescue.

2. At SyncCore, we do Data Replication means data residing on a physical/virtual server or cloud instance continuously replicated.

3. Algorithms and Advanced software are used at syncCore to monitor incoming traffic and deny illegal access. This method is DDoS Protection.

4. On-The-Fly Config Changes can be made to Disk Attach, Disk Resize & Network.

5. Dedicated Firewall for individual Networks to protect from unauthorized access, attacks, or corruption. We use OPNSense & PFSense.

6. Spamming Blocked for top 10 blocked to reduce DDos Attacks.

7. Access Cloud Machines using Secure Tunnel for more secure data transfers.

8. Our data center is compliant with  HIPPA, SOC1 + SOC2, PCI DSS.

9. we have Intrusion Detection With Event Logging.

10. SyncCore has an 80 GbE Fiber Optic Juniper Network for Faster data transfer.

You are in safe hands, and the Cost to start SyncCore Cloud Platform is low compared to AWS. See why SyncCore is better than AWS

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